The GCPOA is accepting nominations for Directors and Officers for the 2023-2024 term. If you are interested in serving or know of a candidate who is willing to serve, please submit their names and interest to by October 17. There are two open positions per the bylaws which call for staggered 2-year terms. You may also request to have your name on the ballot by sending an email to

Glendower Court POA has a five person Board of Directors. The Members will elect one person to be both a Director (for a 2-year term) and to fill the Officer position of Vice-President and President-Elect, and immediately afterwards, the Members will vote on the remaining one Director position. The officer positions are President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The office of President 2023-2024 will be filled by Kathryn Ketelsen who was elected a director and Vice-President/President-Elect at the 2022 Annual Meeting. Steven Carter will remain on the Board as a non-voting member in the capacity of President-Emeritus. The newly elected Board will meet briefly immediately following the adjournment of the Annual Meeting to elect the remaining officers positions from among the newly elected Directors.

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